This is the fourth page from my original story, "Blackbeard's Revenge" and it was the final page of my four page submission to the Tales of Cape Fear Voume 1 Anthology! I thought this would be a simple 4 page comic that would go no further, but I was very wrong! I was expceptionally lucky to find out people wanted to know what happened next, so I decided to tell them! 


Now my simple four pages has become a full concept that is released part by part -- exclusively in the Tales of Cape Fear Anthologies!  This page is significant becuase it is the first time I revealed Blackbeard to the reader, and it is designed to be a page with iconic imagery of this wicked power couple! 


This art has never before been made available for sale online, and will only be available for a limited time. 


Published in 2020 via collaboration with Memory Lane Comics of Wilmington, NC.


Ink on bristol. All pages will be signed and include a certificate of authenticity upon request. 



Blackbeard's Revenge Page 4

  • Art will ship in a reinforced cardboard tube. 

  • 11x17 inches on bristol paper