These pages are part of the Shinju Universe, a book being released by Kaisho Studios. I'm so excited about this project, because it is a small company, locally based in Wilmington, NC. Shinju Universe is a biannual anthology created to tell the side stories of the characters in the main arch of the Shinju comic series.


The company owner, Travis Stephens, is both a writer and an artist who is such a wonderful member of the comic community. He worked with myself and another artist to make this book, and he has an ongoing comic series!


I pencilled 8 pages of story for this book, and I loved getting to know his characters and their world. 


Shinju Universe is ©Kaisho Studios. Published October 2021.

Kaisho Studios Special - Page 1 of 8

  • Art will ship in a reinforced cardboard tube. 

  • 11x17 inches on bristol paper