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Private Art Lessons for Kids

An introduction to drawing for kids ages 10+

  • 30 US dollars
  • To Be Determined

What's Happening?

Whether it's noses, hands, eyes, or faces; monsters, fairies, or magical landscapes, there's something for everyone! Each private lesson is specifically designed around the needs of the student, or students. That's right, you can book a session for up to 5 students at one time! There is a basic curriculum of material that covers everything from simple shapes to shading and finishing a piece of art, and I always build around the interests of the student(s). Our first session always involves getting to know each other, and my assessment of each student's level of skill. From there, I determine the things they most want to improve on, and I create lessons that cover those areas, plus other areas that are essential for the growth of a young artist. Students should bring their own drawing materials consisting of: - 11" x 14" sketchbook or larger - pencil - eraser Any additional learning materials will be provided by me, though students are welcome to bring any materials they wish to learn more about. I have found that public libraries are often the best place to meet, though I am willing to teach in homes if there is an area that is quiet and not distracting.

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