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About Angela

My goal as an artist to bring visions to life that break the boundaries of expectation. I am passionate about bringing artists together and building a community of respect and cooperation. Whether it is via collaboration or sharing a space where we encourage each other, I find my best work comes from working with others.


I draw. I stream. I teach. I create.​


I illustrate portraits and painting commissions, create comics, teach classes, and stream to an online community. I constantly seek new sources of inspiration and ways to create. I want to work in so many mediums and styles. I don’t believe in being only one thing, or one style. People are not so basic, so why should my art be?

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-- Jeff Beck --
Owner of East Side Mags, Montclair, NJ 

Angela really understands both what it is to be an artist and a client. She asks all the right questions to understand the project and even digs into the finer details that I didn’t think of. She provided more than enough examples as she worked and her communication was on point so much so that I felt the project was in great shape. I can’t recommend Angela enough!

Projects and Publications

Created in partnership with Memory Lane Comics of Wilmington, NC. First published in 2020, Angela is the Art Director, Editor, Project Coordinator, Cover Artist, and Coach for new artists and writers who get involved with this book. It is her pride and joy, and she loves the people she works with!

Since she graduated the Kubert School, Angela has been working with creator Gavin Spector to make his artistic visions come to life via graphic novels and comics. When no one else believed, he was the first one to give her a chance.

Spiderweb Art Gallery

For six years, Angela worked with this company to make art happen. She was both an assistant and a designer for this company, where she honed her skills in graphic design, photo editing, and much more. Her favorite part? Collaborating with Greg Hildebrandt on a short narrative art story for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Angela had the great pleasure of writing some articles for this wonderful website, as well as partnering with them as an event coordinator for the Pain-In-The-Ass-athon, a 24 hr live streaming even done for charity annually since 2015. In addition, she records a bi-weekly podcast called, This Week's Episode with her husband and friends.

In 2019, Angela became a Teaching Artist at DREAMS, a youth development organization that is dedicated to creating a culture of confidence for youth and teens, through equitable access to arts education, supported by the values of respect, family, and community. She has the great joy of teaching fun and meaningful art lessons and is deeply passionate about teaching kids entrepreneurial skills that can help them in their future.

Workshops & Lessons

Since 2013, Angela has offered private workshops & lessons for both children and adults. She has worked with multiple libraries and youth programs in Northern New Jersey, in South Carolina, and in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Grants & Awards

2021-22 Wilmington Arts Council Artist Grant
2020-21 Wilmington Arts Council Artist Grant
2011 Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship

Other Places You Can Find Me

I've been streaming on Twitch since 2019, and I'm lucky to say I have an absolutely outstanding community here. You can join to watch me draw live, talk about art & life, and have a great time with me.

Wanna buy me a tea? This site is for those who wish to support my artwork with donations and monthly subscriptions! I even offer special bonus content for my subscribers.

There is some merch I just can't make myself. Redbubble has been a wonderful way to produce incredibly diverse types of merch, and explore new ways to market myself.

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