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This is a curated page of samples for you,  potential employers. If you're considering hiring me, I encourage you to explore my entire website to see the range of work I can do, but this is a good place to start.

Thanks for being here!

Corporate Branding: Giving Tuesday

These are Giving Tuesday assets for United Way of the Cape Fear Area. I was asked to create a banner and buttons for a Give Lively page that referenced waves and had a primarily aquatic color palette. Each icon corresponded with a giving amount, and each amount referenced a specific benefit that would occur from received donations. For example, the graduation cap supported a specific education program. The cross supported paying medical bills, and the apple supported nutrition.

Giving Tuesday Project.jpg
Marketing & Products:
New Belgium Brewing

Since 2021, I've been working with New Belgium Brewing on special projects. From designing a promotional image for a local event, to logos and even wrestling merchandise. My goal was to keep the art style close to the typical design seen on cans. When working on the "One Star and Brad Attitude" content, I was assisting with promtional material, t-shirt content, and a new logo merging the Voodoo brand with One Star for the wrestling gear.

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